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If you are looking to print your own barcode labels, then you need to consider the following bit of information. Just because software can print a label does not mean that it can print barcode labels. For example, you probably have software that prints address labels for mailing out invoices or other company communications. But the software used to print barcodes is very different. Barcode label software supports a wide variety of advanced barcodes and data integration needed for on-demand industrial labeling applications.

Choosing the right software to design barcode labels and integrate your barcode label printing into existing systems starts with knowing your labeling requirements.

  • The types of information required on your label such as images, types of bar codes, variety of text and sizes.
  • Will you need to access information stored in a database, Excel or inventory software package?
  • Will you need a single printing station or printing from several stations or mobile devices?
  • Will you have one or multiple users and do you need label creation control?
  • Identify what printer you will be using to check for the correct printer drivers and operating system.
  • If you export product, be sure your product handles the languages you need.
  • Labeling software can be free, but as your needs increase, so will the price.

NiceLabel, one of the leading label design packages available on the market today, makes it easy to perform common label design tasks. NiceLabel can handle all your needs from stand-alone label design to complete label management and can interface with databases from simple spreadsheets to complex enterprise data systems – saving you time and eliminating labeling errors.

NiceLabel includes all common 1D, 2D and composite barcodes, industry standard Windows drivers for 2500+ label printers, and Wizards to increase controls and accuracy of your label printing.

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