D-5000 Series Laser Coder

Lasers for Coding & Marking a Wide Range of Materials. Available in 3 Frequencies.

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The D-5000 is a series of Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) laser systems, designed for use in a wide range of industrial and packaging coding and marking applications.

Industrial Marking

Green and UV Lasers

Prints on HDPP From Green Laser

Product Overview

Series D Duo

  • The D-5000 SERIES is an end-pumped DPSS Laser system, on a Nd-YV04 active medium.
  • Ideal for marking delicate substrates and coating ablation.
  • D-5000 lasers have short pulse width to minimize thermal impact
  • Compact head design is ideal for high-speed, online integration
  • D-5000 lasers include full 3 axis motion control for driving external axes

Series D Duo Green

  • The gLASER series is a DPSS Laser system, based on a Nd: YV04 active medium.
  • gLASER series deliveries a high beam performance at a wavelength of 532nm.
  • D DUO Green lasers are short pulse, high peak power lasers, Ideal for marking plastics with minimal thermalimpact.
  • Air cooled
  • Single phase power input
  • Available as PS model with shorter pulse width and higher peak power
  • Easily integrated into automated production line or the iLaserBox range of workstations

Series D Duo UV

  • The D 5000 UV 5 is a DPSS Laser system, based on a Nd: YV04 active medium.
  • Solid state Nd: YV04 laser λ = 355nm
  • Wide range of materials – Thermo-formed and exotic plastics.
  • Water-cooled
  • Single phase power input
  • Easily integrated into automated production line or the iLaserBox range of workstations

Solutions for:

Senior Leadership

Your Challenges:

  • Your company has sustainability programs with targets to be met.
  • Product traceability and regulatory compliance are important issues for your business.
  • The efficiency of your operations and the effect this has on your margins are areas of concern.

Our Solutions:

  • SPA2-D laser coders produce excellent print quality on many packaging materials, without the use of harmful chemicals or solvents. Laser coding is fast and clean, making it ideal for environmentally aware businesses.
  • Macsa SPA2-D lasers produce codes that are not only very high quality but are also permanently part of the packaging. Perfect for industries where complete traceability is needed.
  • With no downtime for replenishing consumables and very low maintenance needed, SPA lasers help keep your packaging lines running and improve efficiency.

Operations Management

Your Challenges:

  • Dealing with downtime (and the resulting loss of efficiency) caused by maintenance and other issues with legacy printers.
  • Keeping control of maintenance time and costs.
  • Ensuring printed codes are in compliance with customer and regulatory mandates.
  • Sourcing coders that provide durable prints that can't be rubbed off.

Our Solutions:

  • With zero need to stop for consumables replenishment and only occasional maintenance needed, SPA lasers reduce downtime and improve your OEE.
  • Usually, the only maintenance needed for SPA lasers is filter changes and lens cleaning. These can be handled by using an ID Technology PM plan. An extended warranty is also available.
  • Data for text and barcodes can be sent to the printer using our Marca software, label control software such as NiceLabel, or directly from your manufacturing database. Managing the data can be automated, reducing the chance of human error.
  • The SPA2-D laser coders produce a mark that not only is high quality, it is also permanent. These coders are designed to print on plastics such as HDPP and can produce an excellent high-contrast mark.

Operators & Technicians

Your Challenges:

  • Operators have to learn so many different equipment interfaces - a challenge, especially for new employees.
  • Many types of product coding equipment are maintenance intensive.
  • Coding systems often need operator intervention to replenish consumables such as inks or ribbons.
  • Getting the training needed to maintain and operate equipment correctly can be a problem.

Our Solutions:

  • The new HMI interface for the SPA coders is simple to use and understand.
  • SPA laser coders virtually remove the need for maintenance. Cleaning the lens and replacing the air filters periodically is normally all that is required. (your company can also purchase a preventative maintenance plan).
  • Since SPA lasers don't use consumables, there is no need to stop your packaging line.
  • ID Technology service technicians have all graduated from the PMMI Train the Trainer course. You will always get first-class maintenance and operator training and our local service model means help is always close by.

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At ID Technology, we truly understand what material handling and supply chain operations demand. This makes the 258 label printer applicator the perfect solution for high-speed case and tray labeling automation.

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