EPI MFlex – Modular Pressure-Sensitive Label Applicator System

Modularity and Flexibility for Efficient Decorative Label Application

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Building on the many years of experience and engineering expertise within ProMach Labeling & Coding, the MFlex is a completely new, modular, and flexible pressure-sensitive labeling system.

Flexibility is an essential component of the MFlex concept. The modular design allows for one design philosophy to be utilized for a wide range of applications by simply choosing the required modules from our extensive portfolio.

Composed of a label applicator and integrated product handling solution, the MFlex precisely labels a variety of packaging shapes and product types that provides an easy and flexible platform to not only control, but maintain.

Key Features

Synchronization of label feed control with the product motion is crucial in order to achieve consistent and accurate labeling results. The MFlex controls are based around an innovative motion control system that monitors and synchronizes all of the machine modules.

Regardless of conditions, all machine modules provide optimum labeling accuracy:

  • MFlex is designed with a closed-loop servo system to ensure maximum synchronization and control – even if the machine speed changes or stops completely while applying a label to the product

Traditionally, labeling systems would often have multiple interfaces with which the operator had to interact. Instead, MFlex has just a single color touchscreen that is universal to all machine configurations. This provides instant machine status, access to any adjustments, and detailed diagnostics for maintenance.

Designed for simplicity and efficiency:

  • A singular full-screen touchscreen HMI provides fast access to any adjustments as well as full diagnostics for maintenance.
  • Product setups are saved in the recipe database, ready for instant recall when that job is called upon again.

IP65 rated for multiple production environments:

  • MFlex machines are built on a welded stainless steel frame, using non-corrosive components that feature IP65 protection, ensuring the equipment will operate in damp or dusty environmental conditions.

ZERO DOWNTIME (optional)

Downtime is expensive – keep the line running without stopping for label replenishments:

  • Even if you take only a few minutes to replenish your labels, that downtime influences your bottom line.
  • With redundant labeling heads, never stop for label roll changes again – greatly increasing your productivity.

See how it all comes together using our innovative MFlex InMotion interactive animation viewer:

MFlex Wrap

Fully-featured automatic wrap labeling system designed to accommodate a wide variety of round containers and packaging.

MFlex Front & Back

Advanced front, back, and wrap capable labeling system designed to accommodate a wide variety of flat, oval, and round containers.

MFlex Top & Bottom C-Wrap

The most versatile MFlex system, featuring wipe on applicators for top, bottom, and c-wrap applications.

MFlex C-Wrap

3-panel wrap around labeling system, perfect for applying a c-wrap style label to clamshells, tray packs, and other flat style packaging.

MFlex Hugger Belt

Utilizing hugger belt technology, easily suspend product to allow for top and bottom label applications with speed and accuracy.

MFlex Top & Bottom

The most versatile MFlex system, featuring wipe on applicators for top, bottom, and c-wrap applications.

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