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ciSeries Prints Permanent Lot Codes, Date Codes, Barcodes, Logos, and Text to Any Type of Substrate

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The ci5000 Series printer is the latest evolution of the Citronix printer range. It continues to build on Citronix’s core values of Simple, Capable, Reliable and Excellent Value and reaffirms Citronix’s position as a leading continuous inkjet manufacturer.

Citronix printers are designed to meet some of the most demanding coding and marking applications across industries such as food and beverage, extrusion, cable and wire, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and health care, electronic components, automotive, construction and other industrial sectors.

Citronix’s range of printers apply identifying marks such as best before dates, traceability codes, logos and batch codes at very high speeds to almost any kind of material or surface whether plastic, metal, paper, wood, glass or other substrate types.

One of the greatest enhancements made to the new ciSeries is the large touchscreen display. This touchscreen is built for industrial environments with abuse-resistant tempered glass that protects against scratches, shatters, and solvents. Citronix printers have always been known for the simplicity of the menu system and this is further refined with the new interface.

Another step forward in design is the introduction of ciEasyServ: a quick, easy, no mess/no fuss, tool-free filter service module. It combines all the serviceable fluid filters into one self-enclosed service module and it can be replaced in less than 1 minute. This allows for technician-free filter changes and longer times between scheduled service.

Like previous ciSeries, the ci5000 Series remains a single PCB system, but with more RAM, flash memory and a faster processor - all leading to enhanced performance.

Key new features include a new quick access online HELP database/Standard onboard USB and SD Card ports for fast simple backup/restore functionality. Firmware updates can be accomplished using USB memory sticks or SD cards, as well as over Ethernet.

Quick connects (IP65) for photocells, encoders, and alarm beacons are mounted on the outside of the cabinet.

Product Overview

ci5000 Series
Industrial Continous InkJet Printers

  • 1024x600, 24-bit color, 10.1” capacitive touchscreen display with abuse resistant tempered glass that protects against scratches, shatters, and solvents.
  • Enhanced print quality, with PrecisionPlus drop control.
  • ciEasyServ: a quick, easy, no mess/no fuss, tool free service module.
  • 8,000 hours (or 18 months) before routine service.
  • Fluidics with large ink bottles, large tanks, better viscosity control and integrated manifold.
  • SmartFlush Automated printhead flush procedure during shutdown ensures reliable, clean start ups.
  • Quick connects for Photocells, encoders and Alarm Beacons.
  • Standard on board USB and SD Card ports for fast simple backup/restore functionality.
  • Online HELP database.
  • Choose models from 1 to 5 lines of print.
  • Specialty inks are available for food, security and other industry applications.
  • Made in the United States.

ci5000 Series Systems
Four Models

  • The ci5000 Series systems include four models (plus special versions for pigment inks and a micro high-speed version) with a variety of configurations to meet local and global needs. Choose models from entry-level to high speed, 1-5 lines of text, graphics, and barcodes including 2D Datamatrix.
  • The ci5650 harsh environment IP65 printer is designed to operate in extreme applications, such as high dust or washdown environments.
  • All models come with an industry-best 30-month warranty, with an option to extend the warranty to five years.
  • Ask us about our TRADE-IN offer.

Solutions for:

Senior Leadership

Your Challenges:

  • Downtime caused by product coders causing downtime on expensive packaging lines.
  • Excessive costs of support for printers are affecting margins.
  • Poor print quality on your packaging is damaging your brand image.

Our Solutions:

  • Citronix printers are designed to operate efficiently, with fast, clean startups and reduced servicing needed.
  • The Ci Series printers can be serviced in-house, and don't have expensive systems that need to be periodically replaced. No need for expensive service contracts that add to operating costs.
  • The print algorithms built into Citronx firmware, allow for excellent print quality on a wide range of substrates, making sure your products always match your brand image.

Operations Management

Your Challenges:

  • Date coders don't always perform well in damp or dusty environments.
  • Long start-up procedures always cause disruption at the start of production.
  • Need specialist service people to keep production running.
  • Pressure to reduce costs for parts and service.

Our Solutions:

  • All Citronix CIJ printers are protected to IP55 standard, with IP65 available as an option.
  • Because the printhead on a Citronix printer is automatically flushed when shutting down, startups are quick and clean - getting production running fast.
  • The service module on a Citronix printer can be replaced in about a minute - no outside service tech is needed.
  • With the longest standard warranty in the business, Citronix printers help keep your parts costs under control.

Operators & Technicians

Your Challenges:

  • CIJ printers are often difficult to service and to set up - sometimes needing outside help.
  • Complicated machine interfaces make things difficult - especially for new operators.
  • Loading ink into the printer often means having to open the cabinet and get inside.
  • It can be hard to get the training that maintenance techs and production line operators need.

Our Solutions:

  • With all the filters built into a single service module and no core ink systems to replace, maintaining a Citronox printer can be done easily and efficiently. When setting up the printer, wizards walk you through all the steps.
  • Citronix printers have long had a reputation for having the simplest to use interface in the industry. The new color touch-screen interface, makes it even simpler to use.
  • Ink and make-up fluids are loaded to the printer from the outside using color-coded bottles.
  • ID Technology service techs are all graduates of the PMMI Certified Trainer program. You can be assured that both maintenance folks and line operators will get first-class training.

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