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Integrated Case Taping and Labeling

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The ID Technology CTL is an integrated system featuring a Wexxar BEL Case Taper and ID Technology printer applicator. The system accomplishes the taping and labeling of shipping cases in a small footprint - saving space compared to conventional methods.

When changing box widths, a single adjustment sets both the case taper and labeler positions - saving time compared to using two separate machines.

The CTL can be configured for applying one of two labels per case to the front, side, front, and side, and also a corner-wrap style presentation. For the case taping, customers can specify either the semi-automatic BEL 150 (the operator closes the top flaps prior to moving the case into the taping mechanism) or the automatic BEL 252 (the top flaps are closed and sealed automatically).

There are also several choices of labeling systems as well.

If you prefer to utilize direct-to-case inkjet printing instead of labels for your secondary packaging, check out our Case Taper Printer system.

Product Overview

Simplify your Packaging Line
The 252CTL simplifies your packaging line. The case taper machine holds the formed case in place as the operator ergonomically packs the case with both hands, ensuring ease and efficiency. The labeler then prints the correct information with the best possible quality completely and applies it to each package. These systems provide the added advantage of being more compact and reducing the number of changeover points.

  • Easy Adjustment for Various Box Sizes
  • Small Footprint
  • Reliable Hugger Belt Drive
  • Model 252 Printer Applicator
  • Side or Corner Wrap Label

Reduce Down Time
Whether the 252CTL requires service, maintenance, box size adjustment, or label roll changes, several key features ensure safe interaction.

  • The 252CTL allows ease of maintenance and tool-free changeovers.
  • When adjusting the case taper for different product widths, the labeling head is automatically adjusted - reducing the setup

Engineered for Secondary Packaging
Designed with your packaging line in mind.

  • The CTL takes up less space than standard machines.
  • Changing case sizes is fast and easy - reducing downtime and improving OEE.
  • Handling a wide range of case sizes and labeling configurations to accommodate every product change.
  • Printed barcode labels comply with GS1 and supply-chain standards.

Solutions for:

Senior Leadership

Your Challenges:

  • Ensuring margins are maintained by increasing overall efficiency.
  • Keeping up with labeling and barcode demands from large customers.
  • Being able to increase production without the need for larger facilities.

Our Solutions:

  • CTL integrates case sealing and labeling in one unit. This reduces set-up time between jobs, keeping unproductive downtime to a minimum.
  • Using a 252 or 265 print/apply labeling head, the CTL can handle various labeling configurations to suit customer requirements.
  • Combining the case selling and labeling operation into one machine reduces the amount of floor space needed - especially important when needing to add capacity into an existing plant.

Operations Management

Your Challenges:

  • Dealing with demands for increased production.
  • Reducing downtime and improving OEE efficiency on the packaging line.
  • Training requirements for operators and technicians.
  • Being confident that the data printed on the labels is correct, every time.

Our Solutions:

  • The CTL is an extremely efficient solution for sealing and labeling corrugated cases. Combining these operations, minimizes set-up time when changing pack sizes (there is a single width adjustment for the complete system) and ensures maximum throughput.
  • The faster set-ups with the CTL help reduce unplanned downtime, which can help with your line OEE.
  • Since the CTL uses familiar components from Wexxar and ID Technology, training on the system is fast and simple for maintenance technicians and for line operators. In addition, ID Technology service techs are all PMMI Certified Trainers, ready to get your team up and running quickly.
  • ID Technology's NiceLabel software application can automate the flow of data to your labels - eliminating human errors and reducing set-up time.

Operators & Technicians

Your Challenges:

  • As packaging equipment has become more complicated, the demands on maintenance technicians and line operators have increased.
  • Training on new equipment can take a long time and is not always very comprehensive.
  • Management always wants less downtime and less time spent on changeovers.
  • Pressure on maintenance technicians to keep repair budgets as low as possible.

Our Solutions:

  • The CTL system is designed using industry-standard products that both technicians and operators will likely be familiar with. Combining the case sealing and labeling function creates a single solution that keeps things simple for everyone.
  • The technicians at ID Technology have all passed the PMMI Certified Trainer program, meaning they can help you quickly learn how to operate and maintain the equipment. In addition, the network of local technicians means that help is always close by if needed.
  • The CTL system is designed so that there is a single adjustment for different width boxes. This results in faster changeovers, keeping downtime low and reducing pressure on the operators.
  • Customers using ID Technology labels on the CTL machine can take advantage of a limited lifetime machine warranty as well as take advantage of ID Technology PM plans.

Brochures & Documentation

At ID Technology, we truly understand what material handling and supply chain operations demand. Accomplish taping and case labeleing with the CTL252.

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