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The COMMUNICATOR II thermal transfer overprinter (TTO) maintains high-quality print during extreme accelerations and decelerations - operating with unprecedented precision while following the packaging machine's speed. A simple software controlled setting allows the printer to be changed from intermittent to continuous. This means the COMMUNICATOR II thermal transfer overprinter can be integrated into both intermittent and continuous packaging lines.

The COMMUNICATOR II TTO from EasyPrint can print from speeds of 50mm per second to 1,400mm per second with precision.

The simple robust design of the EasyPrint COMMUNICATOR II TTO allows for easy maintenance and rapid ribbon replacement. The capacity for 1,400 meter rolls of ribbon, means reduced changeovers and maximized production time.

Patented ribbon-saving technology maximizes ribbon usage to provide even lower cost of ownership. By utilizing ribbon more efficiently and extending printhead life by decreasing energy used, many thermal transfer overprinter users will reduce the cost of labeling significantly compared to competing printers.

The COMMUNICATOR II TTO includes complete label creation software as standard. The printer can be controlled with any PC running a web browser, a packaging machine interface or an EasyPrint COMMUNICATOR 10.4" IP65 rated touch screen controller.

Product Overview


  • Both 2 inch (53mm) and 5 inch (128mm) print width versions are available.
  • Industry-leading ribbon length of 1600 meters offers at least 33% less downtime for ribbon changes than many competitors.
  • COMMUNICATOR II’s Unique ribbon control prevents costly downtime caused by ribbon breakages and ensures responsiveness at high speed.
  • 5 inch (128mm) model allows COMMUNICATOR II to meet the most of demanding requirements.

Reduce Cost and Downtime.

  • Patented variable ribbon economy function reduces the cost per print by up to 60% compared to the competition in both intermittent and continuous modes.
  • Ribbon retraction of less than 1mm between messages minimises ribbon wastage.

Intelligence Built In.

  • Built-in intelligence eliminates the need for a controller. The printer can be controlled from the OEM user interface, PC browser, or optional color touchscreen.
  • Intermittent and continuous in the same printer, changed directly through software.
  • Easy onboard label creation software.
  • Remote management through Ethernet for optimal monitoring and control.

Solutions for:

Senior Leadership

Your Challenges:

  • Need to digitalize your operations to keep up with regulatory and customer needs.
  • Excessive downtime in packaging operations reduces margins.

Our Solutions:

  • TTO printers from ID Technology provide a platform to digitally manage your product coding.
  • Replacing legacy analog printers with modern ID Technology TTO models can help keep your packaging operations running at peak efficiency.

Operations Management

Your Challenges:

  • Older TTO printers are causing maintenance and downtime issues on the packaging lines.
  • Compliance issues keeping up with industry coding and barcode mandates.
  • Your current printers don't have a wide enough print area for the images you need to print.
  • Other coders on your packaging line can't cope with the damp or cold environment.

Our Solutions:

  • ID Technology TTO printers are an ideal replacement for older models on the market. Usually, they can be installed in the same mounting hardware, with the use of a simple adaptor plate.
  • TTO printers from ID Technology are ideal for printing text, barcodes, and symbols to comply with UDI, DSCSA, and other industry mandates.
  • The Communicator printer can print up to 5 inches wide - in many cases, it can print the complete package.
  • ID Technology TTO printers can be supplied with an IP65 enclosure to allow for high quality coding, even in harsh conditions.

Operators & Technicians

Your Challenges:

  • Difficulties in getting good quality training for operators and maintenance teams.
  • Excessive time is needed for the cleaning and start-up of many print technologies.
  • Problems maintaining acceptable print quality.

Our Solutions:

  • ID Technology service technicians are graduates of the PMMI Certified Trainer program - you can be assured of getting the level of training you need.
  • TTO printers use thermal transfer ribbons to create the image on the packaging. No mess and starts up right away.
  • Electronic control of all the print parameters ensures consistent print quality.

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Maintain high-quality print during extreme accelerations and decelerations with the ID Technology Communicator II TTO.

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