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Designed for Simplicity

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The ID Technology Model 252 is the best selling print and apply labeling system in North America.

Built on the Centerline-Modularity™ concept, the Model 252 Label Printer Applicator features the same modular design and robust construction companies have come to expect from ID Technology.

The goal of Centerline-Modularity is to create a process of removing as many adjustment points from a machine as possible, coupled with hot-swap modules for quick-fault diagnosis and repair, leading to increased uptime and lower operating costs for machinery using this design.

The 252 is made up of 6 modules: Unwind Module, Electronics Module, Pneumatics Module, Apply Module, Rewind Module, and Print Engine Module.

The print engine module can be fitted with Zebra or Sato print engines, (or with ID Technology's apply-only Label Dispense Module) to print crisp clear barcodes and text on a variety of label and tag substrates.

252 Print/Apply Application

252 Tamp Printer Applicator

Product Overview

Engineered for Flexibility
Regardless of your application or production environment, the Model 252 integrates seamlessly into existing production lines.

  • Can be mounted in any orientation - top, bottom, or side label application.
  • Quickly switch between application modules, preserving initial investment.
  • Can use Sato, Datamax or Zebra Print Engines, or Apply-Only Module.

Engineered for Simplicity
Setting up and operating the Model 252 Printer Applicator is fast and simple.

  • A robust faceplate is fabricated for exact positioning and quick installation of application modules.
  • Easy to integrate PLC’s, scales, and more.
  • The touch screen offers improved visibility for more control.

Application Modules
One of the things that make the 252 so powerful is the range of application modules that are available.

Tamp Tamp-Blow
Swing-Arm Tamp Corner-Wrap
Leading Edge Corner-Wrap CrossMerge™
Dual Panel PowerMerge™
Three Panel

Solutions for:

Senior Leadership

Your Challenges:

  • Ever-changing barcode rules, constantly need more funds to keep up to date with regulatory and customer mandates.
  • Growing your business outstrips the capabilities of existing packaging and labeling equipment.
  • Unplanned downtime can reduce margins, making your business less profitable.

Our Solutions:

  • The modular design of ID Technology's 252 labeling system, ensures that it can be easily adapted to handle most applications - reducing the need to buy new equipment if requirements change.
  • ID Technology engineering teams are constantly finding ways to make the 252 labelers capable of operating at higher outputs - often with innovative new application modules.
  • In the event of a problem, the modular construction of the 252 makes getting the equipment back on line fast and efficient.

Operations Management

Your Challenges:

  • Improve the OEE efficiency of your packaging lines.
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance and spare parts.
  • Ensuring that operators are correctly trained to be able to get the best performance from your packaging equipment.
  • Keep customers happy by making sure every barcode label contains the correct information and is scannable.

Our Solutions:

  • Two big contributors to poor efficiency are unplanned downtime and extended setup times. The 252's modular design, ensures you can get back online quickly in the event of a problem. Also, the Centrerline-Modularity concept can reduce the time needed to set up for the next product.
  • Customers using ID Technology labels on their 252 machines, qualify for a limited mechanical warranty that can help reduce the cost of parts. In addition, ID Technology PM service plans keep everything running correctly.
  • ID Technology service technicians have graduated from the PMMI Certified Trainer program - you can be assured of getting great training and support.
  • Using our NiceLabel apps to populate data on your labels can help eliminate the mistakes caused by manual data entry.

Operators & Technicians

Your Challenges:

  • Having to learn how to maintain and operate labeling machines from multiple manufacturers.
  • Complicated setup procedures.
  • Poor training.

Our Solutions:

  • All 252 labelers, whether being used to label cases, trays, pallets, or more, use the same modules - regardless of the application, all your labelers will have interchangeable parts and the same controls.
  • The Centerline-Modularity concept reduces the number of adjustments on the 252. This means less to adjust when setting and also simpler maintenance procedures.
  • ID Technology's PMMI Certified Trainers will always provide first-class training for operators and maintenance techs.

Brochures & Documentation

At ID Technology, we truly understand the importance of increased uptime and lower operating costs. This makes the 252 label printer applicator the perfect solution.

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