252A – Upgradeable Label Applicator

A label applicator for preprinted labels that can be upgraded to a label printer applicator.

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ID Technology has developed an innovative approach for companies needing to automate their pre-printed labeling processes today, but with an eye towards variable information and print and apply in the future. The Model 252A apply only label applicator bridges this gap with the interim step of automatic label application using a Model 252 base unit and an "apply-only" label dispense module in place of a print engine. All that is needed to move to fully automatic print and apply labeling is to bolt a print engine in place of the label dispense module.



Product Overview

Engineered to Dispense

The ruggedly built label dispense module has a large, high-tack drive roller and runs at high speeds.

  • Prevents label slipping.
  • Ensures precise label dispensing.

Industry Leading

The base machine is the Model 252 - Label Printer Applicator, all key design features, and benefits are the same, including all application options and "hot-swap" electronic, pneumatic, and rewind modules.

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At ID Technology, we truly understand what material handling and supply chain operations demand. This makes the 258A label printer applicator the perfect solution for your line.

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