How ID Technology Helped a Leading Beverage Company Improve Uptime and Efficiency

ID Technology's PowerMerge™ label applicator, in conjunction with NiceLabel software, helped increase production capacity while boosting efficiency.

As a regional beverage company was transitioning from being a small company to a larger company, its operational efficiency was plagued due to using a disconnected assortment of outdated inkjet and labeling machinery.

By working with ID Technology and installing new merge technology, this company was able to achieve zero downtime, improved uptime, and greater efficiency. The beverage company’s partnership with ID Technology was beneficial when opening a second facility in a different geography and in helping drive the company’s continued growth.

This beverage company’s experience is representative of how ID Technology works with all clients. ID Technology was not focused on selling a piece of equipment. Instead, ID Technology built a long-term relationship, understood the company’s challenges and goals, and took a consultative approach in providing relevant, efficient solutions that met the company’s needs.