Bottle Coding Solutions

Thank you for your interest in our bottle coding solutions

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On this demo stand, we showed three of our coding technologies in action - Citronix CIJ inkjet, Macsa laser coding, and thermal inkjet (TIJ) from our ID Technology and Code Tech brands.

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Our Citronix ci5000 CIJ printers are designed and built here in the USA, in Arlington, Texas.

The printers are engineered to be simple to use and to require less maintenance (at a lower cost) than competing CIJ printers.

With standard features like 316 stainless steel cabinets, IP55 environmental protection (IP65 is optional), and positive air in the printhead, the ci5000 is ready for use, even if the environment isn't ideal.

ci5000 printers all use the same components, allowing them to be used for both low-volume and higher-speed applications - this also provides a simple upgrade path as your business grows.

Get more information here: Citronix CIJ Printers


Macsa laser coders from ID Technology offer a modern, clean and sustainable way to add date and production codes to both glass and plastic bottle materials.

Laser coders produce permanent codes of excellent quality, without the need for consumables and hazardous solvents.

At Pack Expo, we demonstrated our SPA 30 Watt laser, built with a 9.3µm laser wavelength designed to work well on PET substrates.

Macsa laser coders range from the entry-level (but very competent) iCon 3, up to high-speed can coding systems that can operate at more than 1,000 cans per minute.

Get more information here: SPA Laser System


Thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers are often an ideal solution for printing date and other production codes onto glass or plastic bottles.

Our ID Technology and Code Tech brands both provide TIJ printers that can be used in many applications, are simple to install and can be configured for washdown environments.

ID Technology and Code Tech TIJ printers require almost zero maintenance and produce excellent print quality on a wide range of materials.

Get more information here: Code Tech TIJ Printers


Thank you so much for visiting us at the show. Please be sure to let us know if there is anything we can do to help with any of your labeling and coding problems!

Thank you for your interest in our bottle coding solutions.

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