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Economical Label Applicators


Economical Label Applicators


The ID Technology Model ST1000 is a full featured label applicator with variable speed motor that achieves speeds up to 1,000 inches of label web per minute. Like other ID Technology engineered equipment, the Model ST1000 label applicator has a modular, simple, user friendly design that sets this label applicator above the competition.

A brightly lit, touch-screen display offers a complete and easy user interface. A change in background color from green to orange to red gives quick, highly visible applicator status.

Model ST1000 Tamp Label Applicator is available for applying labels to recessed areas, indexing lines and variable speed lines. For non-contact labeling the ST1000 Blow-On Label Applicator is the perfect choice for spot or promotional labels. This model can accommodate most label shapes from .5” x .5” up to 4.5” x 4.5”, without the need for change parts.

All models are constructed of anodized aluminum, providing protection from corrosive environments. With the ambidextrous LH and RH design, added flexibility is obtained and allows for changeover in the field. The simplistic design results in minimal downtime, easy fault diagnosis as well as minimal parts inventory.

Automatic label applicators can be fitted with wrap belt assemblies (for cylindrical products), conveyors and other custom product handling devices. Tabletop Wrap Systems are fully adjustable and accommodate products from .5" to 6" in diameter with a 10" label length capacity. Semi-Automatic Tamp Applicators can apply up to a 4.5" x 6" label on any size product.

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  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Stepper Motor Driven
  • Tamp, Blow-On or Synchronous
  • 12" Label Unwind is Standard
  • Speeds up to 1000" /min.
  • Up to 6.5" Wide Labels
  • +/- 1/32" Accuracy

Product Handling Options

  • Elliptical Product Aligners
  • Wrap-around Labeling Systems
  • Top Hold Down Assemblies
  • Feed Screws & Metering Wheels
  • Vertical Aligners for PET Containers
  • Custom Conveyors

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