The ID Technology Advantage

When you consider the total of the labels you're buying to apply to your products and packaging, it's not just the cost of the labels themselves. Additional factors contribute to the overall investment you're making and can have an unforeseen impact on your operations that actually make your labels quite expensive.

With our eight label manufacturing facilities across North America, and extensive production capabilities, we're uniquely positioned to provide additional benefits not found in other label producers.

So, what do your labels really cost?

See how the ID Technology Advantage will help you mitigate those unforeseen and unneeded costs due to your current underperforming labels.

What do your labels really cost? When you need labels, we've got you covered at ID Technology.

No matter where you are, our label production facilities are right around the corner to help you reduce shipping costs, time, and your carbon footprint. Using ID Technology's EX labels, you get more labels per roll, which means fewer shipped pallets, reduced freight costs, as well as space saved in your storage.

There is nothing worse than production downtime due to labels jamming, misfeeds, poor adhesion, or excessive changeovers. ID Technology labels are produced with adhesives matched to your needs and precise die cutting and trimming to minimize misfeeds and jams. Plus, when you use EX labels, you'll not only reduce your downtime with fewer changeovers, but you'll also be doing your part to reduce your environmental impact by creating less waste.

If poor print quality and adhesion have you rethinking buying those cheap labels, ID Technology uses the best label materials and adhesives, giving you cleaner barcode lines, better label adhesion, and minimizing those pesky retail chargeback fines.

So, how much do your labels really cost? If reducing your downtime and associated costs, lessening waste and environmental impact, and minimizing retailer chargebacks are on your priority list, ID Technology has you covered. Visit us at