Stainless Steel Workstation for CIJ Printers

ID Technology’s Stainless Steel Workstation makes using Citronix continuous inkjet printers even easier (see video).

The workstation functions as an attractive stand for the printer, but it is designed to be so much more.

While the base configuration is really useful, the workstation can be customized to meet your actual needs.

Mobility Kit
Make your printer mobile - move for maintenance or to use on another line.

Perfect place for tools, wash bottles, etc. Keep everything right where you need it.

Printhead Service Station
Need to work on the printhead or clean it? The service station is designed to make that easier.

UPS Power Supply
All Citronix printers come with a controlled shutdown feature that ensures the printhead is flushed & ready for use next time. Choosing our UPS Power Supply ensures that the printer is correctly shut down, even in the event of a power failure.