Laser Coder Systems for Case Marking Needs

ID Technology has laser coder equipment that is ideal for your case marking applications. The application of laser marking on a carton requires a special coating be placed in specific areas on the shipper. The laser coder burns lines and graphics into the coating to create a visual contrast (see video). This is similar to laser coders on primary packaging for date and lot codes.

Laser coding does not require consumables on the packaging production line and therefore the production line does not need to be stopped for replenishment. Additionally, there are less moving parts and downtime associated with maintaining laser coding systems. The downside of these laser coding systems will be a higher equipment capital cost ($35,000 - $55,000) than inkjet printers or print and apply label applicators. Additionally, fume extraction equipment must be purchased to remove air particles created by laser coding onto corrugated.

Product handling will be very important for a laser coding system and products will have to be transported on a smooth belt conveyor and be a consistent distance away from the laser printer.

The laser receptive coating will need to be applied at the corrugated converter and will add cost to the box, thus the laser coating is in between the cost for inkjet and labels on a raw consumable basis.