TiltTouch™ Label Application Module New

High-Speed Barcode Labeling

Many food, beverage, and other CPG companies need to print and apply GS1 barcode labels to their secondary packaging, often at high output rates.

Traditionally there has been a compromise between throughput, efficiency, and print quality.

TiltTouch is a new label application module designed for the ID Technology 255 print/apply labeler to apply one or two labels to shipping cases, bundles, or trays. The low-mass mechanical design and precision PLC and pneumatic controls work together to reduce applicator cycle time, meaning that a single machine can often handle applications that previously needed two.

A pair of 255 systems with TiltTouch can be used in a zero-downtime configuration for maximum productivity, eliminating downtime for label and ribbon replenishment.

Apply Labels to Multiple Sides

The TiltTouch applicator provides precision pneumatic control to apply labels to the front, side, or front and side of an item – up to 70 per minute on a single side or 35 per minute for dual side applications.

Reduce Your Downtime

Labels are printed in the short direction, yielding more labels per roll and extending printhead life. That means less downtime for label changeover or service, so you achieve more throughput.

Better Quality Barcodes

Printing barcodes in the short direction provides the best print quality, leading to better barcode verification scores and less chance of out-of-spec barcodes and possible chargebacks.

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