Label Printer Applicator for Harsh Environments Model 252E

ID Technology engineering has developed a specialized Model 252 Label Printer Applicator for use in harsh environments. With this exclusive design it is no longer necessary to use a separate enclosure to protect the printer applicator, since the enclosure and applicator are one. All machine components and modules are mounted on a unique faceplate and the stainless steel enclosure is wrapped around the faceplate. The unit is mounted on a fixed base stand.

The enclosure is equipped with a removable door for label application operations and both the front and back panels are hinged for easy access to the print engine, operator controls and for media loading.

With its innovative technology, the label Printer Applicator with Enclosure Model 252E is built to survive the harshest environments. Whether placed in cold temperatures, ambient temperatures, dusty or wash down environments, the Label Printer Applicator with Enclosure Model 252E is ready for success.

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  • Features/Specs

    • Enclosure is 12 gauge Stainless Steel with a Nema 4 rating
    • 14" Unwind
    • Up to 7"x12" Label
    • 12" Tamp or 12" Swing-Tamp
    • Optional AC/Heater

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