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High Speed Case & Tray Labeler 258 New

The all-new ID Technology Model 258 Label Printer Applicator is a gamechanger for the labeling industry. Using the patented CrossMerge™ technology, the 258 is an entirely new approach to case and tray labeling.

The 258 uses carbon fiber wipe-on blades for consistent, controlled label application. For the most efficient label printing and application, the dedicated CrossMerge application module prints the label in a wide orientation and then changes direction to feed the label in the short orientation for application to the case or tray. This means the application speed is no longer tied to print speed – print slow and label fast for the highest quality barcodes and reduced print engine wear. This also allows for up to twice as many labels to a roll to reduce downtime.

Built on the same Centerline Modularity™ concept as the industry-leading Model 252 Label Printer Applicator, the 258's simplicity of operation has been taken to a new level with single button operation. While a lot of labeling equipment has become very complicated, this unique SmartButton interface brings a new level of simplicity to print/apply labeling.

A dedicated stand mounting allows the entire unit to swing away from the conveyor to replenish labels and ribbons, ensuring operator safety.

  • Up to 50% more labels
  • Up to 50% higher throughput
  • Up to 50% longer printhead life
  • Up to 50% longer print engine life
  • Less downtime
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Higher quality barcodes
  • No plant air required – all electric operation
  • Optional integrated barcode scanning
  • Option to pair two Model 258s for Zero-Downtime
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