CrossMerge® – High Speed Vacuum Label Application Module

Flexible application of smaller labels at higher speeds

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With CrossMerge® technology, the label is printed and fed onto the vacuum belt in the direction that the vacuum belt is traveling. The product also travels in the same direction as the label feed and vacuum belt. The label travels, without stopping, from the printer, to the vacuum belt and onto the product. With CrossMerge, labels print and feed at right angles to the apply direction.

Because we now print the label in the shortest direction, no longer tied to apply direction, several key benefits are attained. We can now use a label size that will maximize the width of the printer. Instead of printing a label 2” wide and 4” long on a 4” printer we can print a label that is 4” wide and 2” long. Or, instead of the printing a label that is 4” wide and 6” long we can now print a label that is 6” wide and 4” long on a 6” wide printer.

Fundamentally we have more time to print the same label, allowing lower print speeds that equate to higher quality printing, less wear and maintenance, all while attaining speeds faster than previously possible.

Applicator Overview

  • Revolutionary design provides the highest output possible at low print speeds.
  • Able to run with high conveyor speeds.
  • Up to twice as many labels per roll as conventional wipe-on labelers.
  • The label orientation provides the best barcode and print.
  • Less wear, longer printhead life, and less maintenance on printer.
  • Easier access for operators, especially when installed on ID Technology Swivel Mounts.
  • Ideal for both thermal transfer and direct thermal.
  • Applicator module pivots away for easy access for cleaning and maintenance.
  • All-electric - no plant air needed.

Brochures & Documentation

At ID Technology, we truly understand what material handling and supply chain operations demand. This makes the CrossMerge™ applicator module the perfect solution for high-speed labeling automation.

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