Corner Wrap Label Printer Applicator Model 252N

ID Technology has designed a corner-wrap label printer applicator for production floors with limited space. This modified Label Printer Applicator - Model 252 requires less aisle space than a standard Corner-wrap label applicator and is comprised of standard "off-the-shelf" ID Technology components mounted on a custom face plate.

The new label applicator design results in a space saving, compact footprint (18" deep by 45" long, measuring along the length of the conveyor). This configuration utilizes the Model 252 label printer applicator modules and a pivoting vacuum grid with attached follow along roller.

Even with the customized narrow aisle design, operators can easily access the pneumatics, electronics and other components because the entire system, like the standard system, is a truly modular design. All printer applicator modules can be replaced within moments by removing two or four bolts, installing a new module, and getting back into production.

Corner wrap labeling is the process of applying one label across two adjacent panels of a box. To apply the corner wrap label, the product must be entered into the labeling station from a customer supplied source, the corner wrap module with a vacuum grid is, then, suspended from the applicator into the path of the carton traveling along a conveyor. A label is printed and dispensed onto the vacuum grid, the carton travels down the conveyor and meets the corner wrap module, and then the carton makes contact with the label. The vacuum grid module is pushed back and out of the way as the roller lays the label down and around the corner to the adjacent panel and, finally, the spring loaded module returns to home position after the carton passes.

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  • Features/Specs

    • Designed for limited space
    • Same rugged construction as standard Model 252
    • Standard Model 252 components
    • Choice of Zebra, Datamax or Sato Print Engine

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