Corner Wrap Label Printer Applicator Model 252N

Applies one label across two adjacent panels of a box.

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ID Technology has designed a corner-wrap label printer applicator for production floors with limited space. This modified Label Printer Applicator - Model 252 requires less aisle space than a standard Corner-wrap label applicator and is comprised of standard "off-the-shelf" ID Technology components mounted on a custom face plate.

The new label applicator design results in a space saving, compact footprint (18" deep by 45" long, measuring along the length of the conveyor). This configuration utilizes the Model 252 label printer applicator modules and a pivoting vacuum grid with attached follow along roller.

Even with the customized narrow aisle design, operators can easily access the pneumatics, electronics and other components because the entire system, like the standard system, is a truly modular design. All printer applicator modules can be replaced within moments by removing two or four bolts, installing a new module, and getting back into production.

Corner wrap labeling is the process of applying one label across two adjacent panels of a box. To apply the corner wrap label, the product must be entered into the labeling station from a customer supplied source, the corner wrap module with a vacuum grid is, then, suspended from the applicator into the path of the carton traveling along a conveyor. A label is printed and dispensed onto the vacuum grid, the carton travels down the conveyor and meets the corner wrap module, and then the carton makes contact with the label. The vacuum grid module is pushed back and out of the way as the roller lays the label down and around the corner to the adjacent panel and, finally, the spring loaded module returns to home position after the carton passes.

252N Label Applicator

Product Overview

Engineered for Speed
With our patent-pending CrossMerge™ technology, the 258 decouples the print speed from the applicator speed. Ultimately, we print slower and apply faster. Simultaneously. This means we print the best possible quality label information completely separate from the label’s application rate requirements.

  • The 258 prints labels/barcodes at an optimum speed for increased quality and readability. Better scans translate to fewer rejections down the line.
  • The applicator speed, separate from the print speed, is 50% faster than competitor systems and matches conveyor rates of 200 ft/min or more to achieve greater throughput of your items.
  • To really boost your throughput, integrate two 258 systems in tandem and achieve zero downtime in your operations.

Engineered for Safety
Whether the 258 requires service, maintenance, or label roll changes, several key features ensure safe interaction with an operator and live operations.

  • The 258 swings away from the conveyor – and automatically switches offline when rotated – to provide safe, unobstructed access for operators.
  • No pinch points from reciprocating parts.
  • Applicator belt automatically disables when system is set to offline or rotated away from the conveyor.
  • For added safety during operator service or maintenance, the applicator arm swings away for even easier access.

Engineered for Simplicity
Designed with operators in mind, the 258 high-speed case and tray labeling automation system is intentionally engineered to be simple.

  • We’ve eliminated the traditional HMI in favor of a singular color-coded button that performs all of the functions you need to operate the 258 with a simple push. That means no menus or pages to navigate within a display.
  • The 258 prints labels along the narrow dimension, equating to having twice as many labels available per roll and reducing the number of label changeovers.
  • Barcodes are printed and applied in the preferred orientation, meaning there is no need to slow your rate (or stop completely) to apply labels.
  • The 258 is comprised of modular components for easy and efficient service and maintenance, when required.
  • Optional integrated scanner provides pre-programmed barcode verification immediately after label application for even greater simplicity.

Solutions for:

Senior Leadership

Your Challenges:

  • Increased throughput in your operations.
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses from chargebacks due to poor barcode quality.

Our Solutions:

  • Up to 50% faster than competitor systems.
  • Application speed matches line rate (up to 200 ft/min or more), so you label more product.
  • Utilization of two 258s in tandem provide a Zero Downtime solution.
  • Barcodes printed at ideal quality due to printing in the short direction. Optional camera verifies barcode readability immediately after label application.

Operations Management

Your Challenges:

  • Downtime due to increased operator interaction with labeling systems.
  • Reduction of utility costs.
  • Replacement of inkjet solutions that yield poor quality barcodes, or inability to imprint on shrink-wrapped trays.
  • Minimal floor space available for labeling system / reach to product.

Our Solutions:

  • Since labels are printed in the short direction, the system yields more labels per roll and requires fewer changeovers by operators = less downtime.
  • System is all-electric, so no compressed air is needed, reducing your overall operating costs.
  • Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal label imprint options provide better quality barcodes (and inkjet not applicable for shrink-wrapped trays).
  • Compact footprint, with ability to reach up to 6" across conveyor.

Operators & Technicians

Your Challenges:

  • The number of label changeovers that occur during a shift, leading to increased downtime.
  • Complex maintenance or service of the label applicator.
  • On-the-job injuries due to system complexity or interaction with system in close proximity to conveyor lines.
  • Complex system interface.
  • Preventative maintenance notifications not allowing proactive maintenance.

Our Solutions:

  • Less need for label changeovers since more labels are available per roll = less downtime.
  • System features modular components for ease in maintenance or parts replacement.
  • No reciprocating parts or pinch points.
  • Entire system swings away from live conveyor line for safer interaction.
  • Singular, color-coded button replaces HMI. So no complex menus to navigate.
  • Optional barcode camera alerts you when printhead service is needed.

Brochures & Documentation

At ID Technology, we truly understand what material handling and supply chain operations demand. This makes the 258 label printer applicator the perfect solution for high-speed case and tray labeling automation.

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