Barcode Scanning Systems

Assuming your ID Technology label printer applicator is correctly set up and maintained, you should be able to produce crisp, verifiable barcodes every time. It is, however, a good practice to use our barcode scanning system to read every barcode and ensure that everything is correct.

Built around world class Datalogic scanners, ID Technology barcode systems provide piece of mind that your barcodes meet GS1 (and your customer’s) requirements and can also upload scanned barcode data to your line control or ERP system.

Highlights of ID Technology Barcode Scanning

Laser Scanners for Linear Barcodes

Designed to be able to accurately scan linear barcodes, even over long distances, our laser scanners have been proven in the most demanding industrial applications.

  • Scanning the barcode immediately after the label has been applied to the product, verifies that the label is present on the product.
  • The barcode is scannable.
  • That the barcode quality is at the required level (by tracking the number of good reads as the scanner reads the code). Barcode Scanners for linear and 2d barcodes

Imaging Scanners for Linear and 2D Barcodes

While laser scanners have long been the standard for industrial barcode scanning, imaging technology has been catching up quickly over the last few years.

If you need to be able to read 2D barcodes, such as Datamatrix or QR Codes, an imaging scanner is the only sensible choice, the performance when reading linear barcodes has reached the point where it matches (or can even exceed) that of laser scanners. It is often possible to read linear barcodes in different orientations without having to rotate the scanning head.

With no moving parts, imaging scanners are simple to set up, use and are extremely robust.

As with laser scanners, imaging systems can carry out quality checks on the printed barcodes – actually comparing the quality to the ANSI/ISO specs. Note that although Datalogic imaging scanners are capable of full barcode verification, this requires the barcode to be stationary, under controlled lighting to be carried out.

System Connections

The interface box provided with our scanning systems and the beacon lights allow the barcode scanner to warn the operators of any issues and to be able to connect to your line control systems.

Not Just For Labeling

While our integrated barcode scanning solutions are great to use with our labeling equipment, they are also a good fit for barcode validation and control when using our inkjet, laser or TTO thermal printers as well.

The ID Technology system contains everything needed to get the barcode system installed and working - regardless of the technology you are using to produce your barcodes.

Which System to Choose?

Since every application is different and there is a range of scanner types, we suggest you get in touch with us (you can use the form on this page or call 888-438-3242 Option #3.) We'll connect you with your local ID Technology specialist to help you determine which of our barcode scanner systems best meets your needs and your budget.

Datalogic Barcode Scanners

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