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Labeling, Coding, and Marking for Industrial and Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturers across various industries must identify parts, cartons, pallets, and shipments. This requires labeling, coding, and marking on a wide range of products and packaging systems without sacrificing line speeds.

DataMatrix or 2D codes are becoming an industry standard and are required by many industry compliance mandates for permanent identification, traceability requirements, and quality control. Common challenges include:

  • Labeling and coding on various substrates from metal to paper to plastics, and films.
  • Working in conditions including condensation, exposure to chemicals and solvents, and adhesion to rough, dirty, rusty, or oily surfaces.
  • Readiness to respond to recalls and the ability to include anti-counterfeit strategies,
  • Maximum efficiency includes quick change-overs, integrated workflow systems and minimum downtime.

ID Technology's range of labeling, marking and coding solutions enables you to achieve safe and reliable identification on a wide range of items. Our continued innovation and expertise, as well as an understanding of the important issues manufacturers face, allow us to offer products and solutions to meet your specific needs.

Labeling, Coding, and Marking Solutions

Medical Device



Non-Contact Coding

Thermal inkjet (TIJ) and Continuous inkjet (CIJ) solutions for industrial and manufacturing applications:

  • Consistently clear coding.
  • Print text, graphics and 2D bar codes on a range of substrates.
  • Excellent ink adhesion in harsh environments.
  • Washdown enclosures for maximum protection.

Variable Info Printing

Thermal transfer overprinter (TTO) solutions for high-speed printing of variable information in industrial and manufacturing applications:

  • Sharp, clear images.
  • Performs on high speed lines.
  • Production speed of intermittent and continuous motion vertical and horizontal form, fill and seal machinery.

Permanent Marking

Laser solutions for permanent marking or coding in industrial and manufacturing applications:

  • Digital, high quality codes on high speed production lines.
  • No consumables.
  • Works on various materials including metals, plastics, paper, cardboard, glass, and wood.
  • Clean 2D barcodes, graphics, and text.

Product/Package Labeling

Pressure sensitive label application of prime or print and apply labels in your industrial or manufacturing operations:

  • Inline or standalone prime labeling systems.
  • High speed application.
  • Enclosures and custom made equipment protects labeling in messy and washdown environments.

Labels for Parts, Cartons, Pallets, and Shipping

High quality prime and secondary labels for industrial and manufacturing applications:

  • Durable, prime labels for product identification.
  • MIL-STD-129 RFID labels, and MIL-STD-130 durable labels for Unique Identification (UID) on parts and components.
  • Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Regulatory Labels.
  • Electrical, aircraft and aerospace wire and cable labels to meet tough MIL-STD, FAA, NASA, and other specifications.
  • Identification systems to identify anything from tiny electronic components to major assemblies.

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Carton/Pallet Marking

High resolution marking on cartons:

  • Flexible, high resolution marking on porous or nonporous surfaces.
  • Eliminate the need for preprinted cartons with printing on demand.
  • Print cartons on demand with up-to-date or industry mandated information.

Labeling and Coding for the Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

ID Technology, the labeling, coding and marking specialists, offers a complete line of solutions used in a wide range of applications from secondary case marking to application of date and lot codes on primary packages. Our industry experience and team of engineers combine to ensure your system performs efficiently in your production environment.

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ID Technology, the labeling, coding and marking specialists, offers a complete line of solutions used in a wide range of industries for primary and secondary packaging identification and information. Our industry experience and team of expert engineers, managers, and technicians combine to ensure your system performs efficiently and effectively in your environment.