Cosmetics & Personal Care

Labeling, Coding, and Marking for Cosmetics and Personal Care Products and Packaging

Cosmetics and personal care items are among the fastest growing industrial sectors globally. In this highly competitive market, manufacturers are looking for ways to differentiate their products through innovative packaging to enhance brand image.

ID Technology offers a range of solutions from inkjet and laser coders for coding high precision 2D DataMatrix and other barcodes at high speeds on a wide variety of packaging formats and materials. Our solutions ensure clear codes to meet retailer demands while allowing manufacturers to comply with industry regulations.

The need to create appealing packaging that stands out on crowded store shelves and grabs consumer attention requires coding and labeling technologies that can print reliably and legibly on many different package shapes and sizes without impacting the package design. Common challenges include:

  • The rise of "eco-friendly’ packaging means using more sustainable packaging formats, such as easy-to-recycle glass or plastics.
  • Innovative container shapes and metallic and other unique inks to enhance packaging appeal can create coding complexities.
  • Product variety among brands to attract a broader market requires production line flexibility and fast product changeovers with minimal downtime.
  • Counterfeit goods and product recalls due to contamination means manufacturers must effectively track their products through the supply chain.

ID Technology's range of labeling, marking and coding solutions enables you to achieve safe and reliable identification on a wide range cosmetic and personal care products and packaging applications. Our continued innovation and expertise, as well as an understanding of the important issues manufacturers face, allow us to offer products and solutions to meet your specific needs.

Labeling, Coding, and Marking Solutions

Plastic Containers
Glass Containers

Flexible Packaging
Wax Coated Packaging


Non-Contact Coding

Thermal inkjet (TIJ) and Continuous inkjet (CIJ) solutions for coding cosmetics and personal products and packages:

  • Consistently clear coding.
  • Print text, graphics and bar codes on a range of substrates.
  • Large selection of color inks.
  • Excellent ink adhesion, even with condensation.

Variable Info Printing

Thermal transfer overprinter (TTO) solutions for printing variable information on cosmetics and personal products and packaging:

  • Sharp, clear images.
  • Performs on high speed lines.
  • Production speed of intermittent and continuous motion vertical and horizontal form, fill and seal machinery.

Permanent Marking

Laser solutions for coding your cosmetics and person products and packaging:

  • Works on various materials including paper, cardboard, glass, and wood.
  • No consumables needed - low operating costs.
  • High quality codes on high speed production lines.

Product/Package Labeling

Pressure sensitive label application of prime or print and apply labels on your cosmetics or personal products and packaging:

  • Inline or standalone prime labeling systems.
  • Accurate, high speed label application.

Labels for Products

High quality prime and secondary labels for cosmetics and personal products, and their packaging:

  • High quality prime labels.
  • Any shape and for all product surface types.
  • Proven performance in a variety of environments or changes in temperature.

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Case, Carton, and Pallet Marking

High resolution marking on cases, cartons, and pallets:

  • Flexible, high resolution marking on porous or nonporous surfaces.
  • Eliminate the need for preprinted cartons with printing on demand.
  • Print cartons on demand with up-to-date or industry mandated information.

Labeling and Coding for the Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry

ID Technology, the labeling, coding and marking specialists, offers a complete line of solutions used in a wide range of applications from secondary case marking to application of date and lot codes on primary packages. Our industry experience and team of engineers combine to ensure your system performs efficiently in your production environment.

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ID Technology, the labeling, coding and marking specialists, offers a complete line of solutions used in a wide range of industries for primary and secondary packaging identification and information. Our industry experience and team of expert engineers, managers, and technicians combine to ensure your system performs efficiently and effectively in your environment.