PackML Label Printer Applicator Model 255

ID Technology’s Model 255 Label Printer Applicator is designed to PackML standards and provides enhanced communications, using an Allen-Bradley PLC and a color touchscreen interface.

PackML provides equipment manufacturers with a structured controls programming philosophy and customers with a standardized look and feel of the machine HMI (Human Machine Interface). This reduces operator training since the controls of each packaging machine are immediately familiar, with common error reporting and screen layouts.

In addition by standardizing machine mode, states and tags, PackML allows for communication between systems, both within the modules of a machine and other machines on a packaging line - regardless of the brand of controls that is used.

The Model 255 is controlled by an Allen-Bradley Micro850® Programmable Logic Controller in conjunction with a 4.3 inch touchscreen interface. The various screens on the touchscreen display are programmed to be compatible with PackML standards. If your company has adopted PackML for packaging equipment, the 255 is the best way to ensure you get the PackML benefits throughout your entire packaging operation.

Don’t use PackML, but want Allen-Bradley integrated controls? The Model 255 is a great option for you as well. With its Micro850 controller, Ethernet/IP & Modubus communications the 255 is ready for your integration team to build into your packaging operation. Having the machine HMI designed to solid PackML principles ensures that your operators and technicians will be comfortable with interacting with the equipment.

Like all ID Technology print and apply labeling systems, the Model 255 is designed on the Centerline-Modularity™ principle.This simplifies the set-up, operation and support of the equipment by eliminating as many adjustment points as possible.The result is increased uptime and lower operating costs for the customer.

The Model 255 can be equipped with any of ID Technology’s wide selection of label application modules, making it capable of handling just about every conceivable labeling job.

The Model 255 can be used to label cases, pallets or most other items and can apply up to three labels per package, depending on your application.

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  • Features

    Allen-Bradley Controls
    Compliant with PackML standards
    Ethernet/IP and Modbus/TCP
    5 port Ethernet switch
    On-board I/O - 28 inputs & 20 outputs
    Product tracking & encoder input
    Graphical status and diagnostic screens
    Extensive range of ID Technology application modules
    Built around ID Technology’s Centerline-Modularity™ concept


    Integrated barcode scanning and label inspection
    Conveyor speed compensation
    Product height compensation module
    Protective enclosures for harsh environments

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