Horizontal Wrap Labeler for Vials

The Model 1500S is a turnkey style labeling system featuring a unique horizontal roller conveyor to label vials. The unique design allows for high throughput at lower rates of speed.

Product travels through a serpentine gravity feeder which feeds product onto the roller conveyor bed. Vials then travel under a wrap belt assembly where the label is dispensed onto the vial. The rotating motion of the belt spins the product in the roller pocket and the label wipes down.

Multiple options are available for the Model 1500S including label imprinting, vision inspection systems, reject stations and encoder following for ease of setup. The horizontal wrap labeler for vials specializes in horizontal wrap labeling through the collaboration with LSI’s standard labeling heads.  With Auto Teach Label Sensing, recipe storage locations, and re-settable product and label counters, every aspect of labeling is covered with the horizontal wrap labeler for vials.

The horizontal wrap labeler for vials uses a time efficient method of labeling to create straight lines on each product.  Matched with a labeling head, the horizontal wrap labeler for vials is able to deliver repeatable label placement accuracy.