Zero Downtime Label Printer Applicator System

Production downtime equals increased cost and reduced output. Even time needed for media replenishment and necessary maintenance adds up. ID Technology has a solution to keep your line moving, using a pair of Model 255 Label Printer Applicators working together.

The two labelers operate in a parent-child mode – one is the primary labeler and when taken off-line, the system automatically switches to the secondary (child) head. When the primary head is placed back into service, the labeling switches back to the primary labeler.

Designed for batch labeling, Zero Downtime control is internal to the Model 255. The only hardware required is an ethernet cable to link the heads together.

To ensure there are no missed labels and no double labels when switching heads, the software tracks products through the two labelers. This can be combined with height/speed compensation on product delays and inspection results.

In normal mode, the primary head will try to label all packages and the secondary head will label anything that is missed. In alternate mode, the primary head will label every other package as long as the secondary head is online; otherwise it will try to label every product. The secondary head labels any item that is missed by the primary head.

To make label roll changes simple and safe, our “service position” mount allows the heads to swing away from the conveyor to give complete access when loading labels or cleaning the printheads.


  • No missed or double labels when switching heads
  • Burst handling – heads will automatically alternate in either mode if product rate is too high for one head to handle
  • Both heads are identical – product delay defines primary and secondary head
  • Can be combined with inspection results if inspection is triggered with the applicator