Bottle Serialization White Paper


The Federal Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) mandates the introduction of drug traceability, starting at the lot level and working towards item level.

To maintain the traceability, each level of packaging needs to be appropriately labeled and the Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) needs to be able to manage the aggregation of each level of packing into the next.

This patent pending white paper by Jack Roe, Vice President & General Manager – LSI/ID Technology, introduces an improved Method For Associating Helper Codes To Label Codes In Round Product Serialization applications.

Helper Codes are used to facilitate aggregation of round unit bottles to bundles or cases.

The improved method creates the database association between the Label Code and the Helper Code at the point of label application, eliminating the need for a Scan Tunnel and the associated capital cost, maintenance cost and points of failure.

The method utilizes a bottle wrap labeler print variable data on each label and apply labels to products, a control system and multiple scanners for print inspection and data acquisition.

Click on the PDF below to read more on:

  • The Control System
  • Helper Code Printing
  • Bottle Wrap Labeler
  • Top or Bottom Helper Codes
  • Machine Vision
  • Product Tracking with Reject and Verification