Advantages of Fiber Laser

Industrial YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) lasers have been used for years for permanent marking of metals, plastics and similar materials.  Historically the two main types of lasers used were YAG Lamp and Diode Pumped lasers. The most recent addition to the YAG laser market is the Fiber Laser. The Fiber YAG laser provides improved optical performance, better system flexibility, longer up-time and higher reliability. Consider the power and reliability factors detailed below.

1.  Power Consumption: (two eight hour shirts running 365 days at $.04/kW)
Fiber = $39.71 Yearly (170W an hour)
YAG Lamp and Diode Pumped = $1,401.60 Yearly (6kW an hour)

2.  Power Efficiency :
Fiber = Up to 50%
YAG Lamp and Diode Pumped = 2-3%

3. Reliability:
Fiber = 100,000 Hrs MTBF
YAG Lamp and Diode Pumped = 10,000-20,000 Hrs MTBF

In addition to the power and reliability advantages of the Fiber YAG referenced above, some disadvantages to the YAG Lamp and Diode Pumped lasers are detailed below.

Flash Lamp Pumped YAG Laser disadvantages

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