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Logmatix Warehouse Barcode Labels

To help you organize your warehouse and track your inventory, ID Technology offers the Logmatix® brand of Warehouse Barcode Labels. These include Retro-reflective Labels, Rack Location Labels, Pallet Labels as well as Placard and Aisle Signs. Whether you have a refrigerated warehouse or face humid, dusty conditions, ID Technology has the warehouse barcode labeling system for you. Our specialists discuss all factors with you. Things like depth of field, x-dimension, barcode symbology, type of scanner being used, warehouse environment and the labeling surface. Only then do we make a recommendation. The barcode label is the heart of your entire warehouse management system – your data collection system is only as good as the barcode it scans.

Retro-reflective Labels

Retro-reflective warehouse barcode labels are designed to use in long range scanning environments. Used in conjunction with long-range scanners, these barcode labels allow users to scan them from distances up to 30 feet away. Our experienced team can custom design your warehouse barcode label system specific to your warehouse requirements.

Rack Location Labels

Rack location labels are essential to ultimate warehouse organization and performance. The options for rack/bin/tote labels are endless. Whether they have barcodes or not, added color enhancements or unique layouts, the end result will maximize efficiency. We offer durable synthetic labels that can withstand rugged warehouse environments and perform time and time again. Let our team identify your needs and design rack labels specific to your warehouse system requirements.

Pallet Labels

Pallet management within your warehouse is a necessity. Whether you need barcodes to keep track of inventory, instructional labels, or directional labels on your pallets, we have every option available. Labels are custom designed with a vast array of color choices, fonts, and sizes. They are available in more durable synthetics or standard paper constructions.

Placards, Aisle Signs & Warehouse Tags

Custom designed hanging barcode placards allow for ease of scanning of hard to label areas of your warehouse such as bulk locations or aisle identification. Our warehouse placards come in 2 different thicknesses and typically have an angle for ease of scanning. Some placards will hang from racks at 90 degrees and are labeled on both sides to maximize readings from multiple locations within your distribution center. Totem pole designed placards allow for multiple locations to be housed on one sign and scanned at close ranges. Whether you are in the beginning stages of planning the layout of your warehouse or you are upgrading your WMS, our experienced team can design placards for your needs.


If your locations are constantly on the move, magnet label combinations may be the perfect solution for you. The custom designed labels are applied to a magnet and will allow you to move the location labels with your inventory.

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