Thermal Transfer Overprinter EasyPrint Compact 32d

With no factory air required, the EasyPrint Compact 32d thermal transfer overprinter prints 32mm wide, 300 dpi logos, barcodes and text at up to 750 mm/s. Four ribbon save modes minimize running costs and downtime. A 650 meter ribbon has an effective length of 1625 meters when using the ribbon economy mode, while proven dancer arm technology eliminates ribbon breakage.

Each EasyPrint thermal transfer overprinter is capable of both intermittent and continuous printing, allowing for integration into both intermittent and continuous packaging lines. An integrated printhead heater allows for printing at high and low temperatures.

This thermal transfer overprinter does not require a dedicated controller, but an optional 5.7" compact touch screen controller is available. The touch screen is hot swappable between many printers or can be networked via an Ethernet connection. An included browser, IE or Firefox browsers can be used to interface with the Compact 32d thermal transfer overprinter.

Included Easydesign software from EasyPrint is used for label creation.

Due to its compact size this printer can be easily installed in existing bracketry. Quick conversion from left hand to right hand or vice versa can be accomplished easily without any additional parts. EasyAlign allows for push button printhead alignment without the use of tools or shims.

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  • Features/Specs

    • No factory air required
    • No dedicated controller required
    • 4 Ribbon Save modes
    • Left Hand or Right Hand
    • CM / IM in same printer
    • Included EasyPrint Easydesign label creation software
    • Fits existing bracketry
    • Optional 5.7" Touchscreen Controller
    • 300dpi
    • 32mm x 55mm image - Intermittent Mode
    • 32mm x 500mm image - Continuous Mode

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