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Off-line Label Serialization Model 1925

The Model 1925 is a system designed to print and inspect labels as part of a serialization solution. The 1925 integrates into your Management Execution Software (MES) to ensure that labels printed off-line are correctly tracked and serialized within your system. As with the other Serialization Series products, the 1925 is integrated into your MES serialization software to provide full printing, serialization and inspection for your off-line label applications.

The Model 1925 is ID Technology’s integrated solution for off-line serialization of labels for track & trace applications. The label web is threaded from the unwind roll, through the printer, over the inspection platen and onto the rewind roll. As they pass through the printer, labels are encoded with variable data, typically Lot number, Expiry date and Serial number, in human readable and 2D code formats.

After encoding, each label is indexed over the inspection platen, under the camera, which inspects the printed data for quality and accuracy. As an option the MES system can also inspect preprinted information on each label, to ensure that the correct label is threaded through the machine. If the label passes inspection, the web indexes and the next label is inspected. If a label fails inspection, a beacon will illuminate to indicate that operator intervention is required. In the base configuration, the operator will remove the failed label from the web and press a “Reset” button to restart the process.

Some label application systems will not function properly, if labels are missing from the web. An optional splicing station, integrated into the inspection platen, allows the operator to cut a failed label from the web, then splice the web, to eliminate missing labels. As labels are coded, indexing from the unwind roll to the rewind roll, the roll form reverses. For example, if the uncoded roll is wound in copy position #4 (left side of text dispenses first), the coded roll will be wound in copy position #3 (right side of text dispenses first). If the label applicator requires labels in copy position # 4, the label roll must be rewound before it is used.

The Model 1925 includes a rewind feature, that allows the web to be rewound, in this example, back to copy position #4, by threading the labels under the printer and reversing direction of the unwind an rewind drives. An Allen Bradley PLC manages the indexing on the labels through the printer, alarming and rewinding, based on signals provided by the MES system.

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