Laser for Marking, Slitting, Scoring and Perforating HPD Laser Series

HPD Series are powerful, high performance CO2 lasers.

They deliver exceptionally high power density which enables them to be effective in cutting and perforating flexible plastic films and foils and other materials, marking high resolution images onto several non-metallic substrates and coding difficult substrates.

The HPD Series is the ultimate CO2 laser for use on many Form, Fill, Seal (FFS) packaging machines.

  • The HPD Series comes with all the features you’d expect from a Macsa laser:
  • Network capability
  • Multiple user interface (touchscreen, handheld, PC)
  • Able to print high quality text, graphics and barcodes
  • ID Technology nationwide support

Coding - large print area
The HPD laser is designed to produce a small, perfectly round spot - even when printing over a large print area. Combined with the high power and high speed of the HPD laser, this laser enables exceptional print quality even over a large area.

High Quality Coding
The small spot size of the HPD laser enables small characters and logos to be marked with enhanced quality. On this example, conventional CO2 laser is on the top, HPD laser below. The HPD laser prints with a narrower stroke, giving improved clarity, especially when printing small character sizes.

Laser Scoring
The HPD Series brings precise control of the properties of the laser beam to allow selective cutting of layers in the most complex plastic films.

This allows easy opening while leaving other layers intact to protect the product from light and humidity. Unlike mechanical scoring tools (dies, blades, punches, etc.) that come into physical contact with the packaging, the laser suffers minimal wear and does not put the integrity of the product at risk.

Does your perishable product need to have a controlled flow between the package and the outside air? Our HPD laser is able to perforate the packaging in a very controlled manner to provide just the right migration between your product and the surrounding atmosphere.

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