High Speed Label Printer Applicator for Harsh Environments Model 455

The Model 455 is a high speed printer applicator with a stainless steel enclosure for the harshest of conditions.

This specially designed high speed label printer applicator, utilizes a wipe-on applicator assembly to apply labels at a 30-40% higher throughput than a pneumatic tamp, with greater accuracy

The applicator is capable of applying labels from 2" wide up to 6" wide and from 3" long to 13.25" long without ANY setting changes or changing tools. Large labels are fed easily and without label skew using a reverse fan vacuum rather than a venturi. An optional secondary brush is available, in the same cabinet, to wipe the label down the trailing edge of a product.

The pneumatically controlled hood is raised and lowered by the flip of a lever. During production the hood is raised. For the wash down process the lid is lowered to protect the applicator components. With the stainless cover raised approximately 20", the print engine, labels, ribbon and controls are readily accessible.

The Model 455 is built on IDT’s latest Model 252 platform and incorporates well proven modules shared with other products in the range. Everything is mounted on a sealed stainless steel base cabinet that has slide-out mountings to give easy access to the electronics and pneumatic controls.

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