Economical Laser Coder iCON 2

The Macsa iCON 2 laser has been specifically designed for small character coding applications in packaged goods and industrial products, where it offers users an affordable laser alternative to inkjet. It is reliable and easy to use and because it uses no consumables it has a low cost of ownership. It is clean; it leaves no mess and there are no solvent emissions.

The iCON 2 Laser Coder is based on the successful iCON Laser platform. The iCON 2 keeps everything that was good about the original design and makes it better – the result being a sophisticated laser that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Upgrades to the original design include a robust all-metal housing and a more efficient and reliable power supply. This model is available in a 10 Watt version now and will be available in a 30 Watt version in mid-2017. While network connectivity was available as an option on the iCON, it is standard with the iCON 2. Knowing that dirt and dust are the enemies of laser systems, iCON 2 is designed with better filters to help keep the laser and electronics cool and clean.

A major breakthrough for the iCON 2 is the ability to print both linear and 2D barcodes. Static barcoding is available as standard and dynamic barcoding is optional. This allows for the introduction of laser coding for a new line up of applications, such as serialization, at a lower price point than in the past.

Instead of the original simple, integrated touchscreen, the iCON 2 uses the same touchscreen as other lasers offered by ID Technology. This allows for more control of print formats and the laser in general.

The iCON 2 is sold as a complete kit – the laser, mounting stand, lens protection and product detect photocell are all included.

The laser coder is small and compact so that it is easy to install in even the most confined production locations. Built with proven, high performance optics, powerful hardware and advanced, low overhead software, the iCON 2 laser is able to meet the speeds of most production lines.

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  • Features/Specs

    • Permanent codes at high speeds
    • No consumables and low maintenance
    • Small, compact unit
    • Static or dynamic printing
    • Dot Matrix and Vector Fonts
    • Air cooled
    • Powerful WYSIWYG software

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