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Durable Thermal Transfer Labels

Does your labeling application demand labels that are resistant to heat and solvents? Do you need to ensure that your labels comply with UL or military standards? A label that fails can have costly consequences such as compliance penalties, lost data, and inability to respond efficiently in the event of a recall or quality issue.

ID Technology's durable labels are engineered to handle the toughest applications in electronics, manufacturing and other industries. Some of our most popular durable labels are:

  • Polyimide(Kapton®) labels to withstand the high temperatures electronics manufacturing processing.
  • Durable label materials to reduce the damaging effects of Electro Static Discharge (ESD).
  • Labels to comply with the RoHS directive for lead-free manufacturing processes, EIA-standard marking and UL-listed and CSA-certified labels.
  • Preprinted labels with eye-catching warnings, graphics, logos, with room to print lot number and other variable information on demand
  • Labels for cables, wire harnesses and assemblies.
  • Bar code or alphanumeric identification of printed circuit boards are used for tracking production lots, warranty information, product authentication, and registration applications.
  • Electronic assembly labels are designed to withstand the high IR & vapor phase of solder re-flow and for surface mount on either top or bottom side of the board without burning, curling, or damage to the printed output.

ID Technology has several label manufacturing locations for local support, specialized label production, and the ability to handle peak demands. Our label manufacturing capabilities, combined with our experience in barcode applications, ensures reliability and performance in your label choice.

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