C-Wrap Labeling System for Clamshell Packages Model EPI-9220

This C-Wrap System from ID Technology, incorporates a small split conveyor with an M-Series Labeling Head to adhere labels to the top, front, and bottom of a clamshell container. The conveyor presents the filled clamshell to the labeler, the label is applied to the package and a dual wipe mechanism firmly secures the label.

EPI-9220 applies labels accurately and gently on each container. This system is ideal to ensure the clamshells remain securely closed from the packaging line to distribution and onto the retail shelf.

A TTO coder can be added to print variable information to the label.

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  • Key Features:

    • Consolidated electrical controls for a plug and play system.
    • Easy to navigate full color touchscreen for HMI.
    • Standard encoder speed matching capabilities.
    • High torque stepper motors used for precision accuracy.
    • Fast changeover capabilities with tool-less adjustments.

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