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Bundle Aggregation Model 1220

Model 1220 is a labeling system designed for aggregation of unit packages into bundles. As the aggregated bundle enters the system, all the barcodes on the units are captured and uploaded to your MES database. The serialized barcode label for the bundle is then printed and applied. The data on the bundle label is inspected before leaving the system so only known good product is allowed to move to the next station.


Bundles of unit cartons are formed in an upstream bundler or bander with unit carton codes aligned on one panel of the bundle. As each bundle enters the system, the aggregation camera reads 2D codes on all the unit cartons simultaneously, allowing the MES system to create a parent- child relationship between the bundle and each of the units. If all the unit codes are readable and valid, an ID Technology print & apply labeler applies the bundle label on the panel opposite the 2D unit carton codes. An inspection camera reads the bundle label that was just applied. If the label passes inspection, the bundle proceeds to the next process, usually case packing.

If the label is missing or fails inspection, the bundle is rejected. Rejected bundles are collected in a reject collection tray. Photoeyes confirm that failed bundles are rejected and that good bundles are not. An Allen Bradley system PLC manages product tracking and the labeling, rejection and verification process as well as communicating with the host MES system.

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  • Features

    • Allen Bradley PLC controls: Micrologix or Compact Logix
    • Panel View Plus color touch screen HMI
    • Adjustable camera mounts
    • Metric scales with pointers on all user adjustments
    • System recipes including all physical and electronic parameters
    • Integrates with MES (Management Execution System) software packages from all major serialization vendors
    • Three levels of security with Active Server password integration
    • Performance measurement and diagnostic counters
    • Alarm History
    • Quick dump, lock out/tag out and low pressure switch for pneumatics
  • Options

    • Stainless Steel Base Frame and Control Enclosures
    • Infeed spacing & orientation
    • Fully enclosed, interlocked guarding package
    • IQ/OQ Validation package
    • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance is available when integrating with a compliant software solution.
    • PackML compliant controls

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