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Label & Barcode Software

Choosing the right software to design barcode labels and integrate your barcode label printing into existing systems starts with knowing your labeling requirements. 

  • The types of information required on your label such as images, types of bar codes, variety of text and sizes.
  • Will you need to access information stored in a database, Excel or inventory software package?
  • Will you need a single printing station or printing from several stations or mobile devices?
  • Will you have one or multiple users and do you need label creation control?
  • Identify what printer you will be using to check for the correct printer drivers and operating system.
  • If you export product, be sure your product handles the languages you need.
  • Labeling software can be free, but as your needs increase, so will the price.


Whether you need to print RFID labels, barcode labels, or compliance labels, choose from the most powerful software products on the market today.

Here are the most popular software packages ID Technology offers, installs, and supports. Additional and customized products may be available for unique applications.

Label Design - BarTender, NiceLabel

Tracking Assets and Inventory - RedBeam

DoD Mandate Compliance Labels - idWorx!

ID Technology Pro Mach, Inc.

Label Design Software

BarTender Label Design SoftwareBarTender Label Design SoftwareBARTENDER™ BY SEAGULL SCIENTIFIC is the professional label design and bar code software tool with built-in powerful features for compliance labels, RFID labels and integration with enterprise software.

ID Technology recommends BarTender™ for Department of Defense labeling applications. Be sure to ask about templates for unit, inner, outer, MSL labels and RFID encoding that meet the new requirements.

Our line of label design software products and support helps you handle the unique label design challenges in a variety of industries, such as Automotive, Chemical, Compliance Labeling, Department of Defense, Food Industries, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Shipping & Receiving.


NiceLabel Design SoftwareNiceLabel makes it easy to perform common label design tasks. Access Microsoft Excel or other large databases and spend less time designing and maintaining barcode label formats, NiceLabel includes all common 1D, 2D and composite barcodes, industry standard Windows drivers for 2500+ label printers, and Wizards to increase controls and accuracy of your label printing.

Upgrade to NiceLabel Designer Pro for logging of print data and password access control for security and a full audit trail of all labels printed.

Tracking Software

…Bar Code, Scan and Track

Automate the process of keeping track of assets and inventory with simple-to-use PC-based software which works with data collection devices such as scanners and mobile computer.

Our Starter Kits will get you going quickly and easily with powerful software to handle the demands of your business yet simple enough to use right out of the box!

RedBeam Asset Tracking SoftwareAsset Tracking Software

Track computers, equipment, furniture, vehicles and other valuable assets using RedBeam’s Asset Tracking Software. This comprehensive PC application and an easy-to-use bar code scanner allows you to keep asset records up to date and periodically take a physical inventory of assets quickly and efficiently.

Data fields include bar code ID, location, department, maintenance, purchasing, warranty, lease, depreciation, information technology and 15 other user definable fields. Comes complete with durable bar code labels. Training, installation and software support services available.


RedBeam Inventory ControlInventory Tracking Software

Track the movement of materials by using bar codes and bar code scanners to receive, move and issue items within your warehouse, distribution center, stockroom or store. Print count sheets and take a periodic physical inventory. Print inventory, reorder, out-of-stock, overstock and transaction reports. Choose the added efficiency of the Mobile Edition to scan items where they are located.

Data fields include bar code ID, location, department, maintenance, purchasing, warranty, lease, depreciation, information technology and 15 other user definable fields. Comes complete with durable bar code labels. Training, installation and software support services available.

MIL-STD Labels & Data

InfinID LogoidWorx! software suite is a completely integrated .net solution for RFID and UID DoD mandates, including automated electronic WAWF and UID registry submission.

MIL-STD-130 including UID, and MIL-STD-129 including RFID labeling mandates not only require specific data and the printed label format be in compliance, but also the related data must be sent back to the DoD.

idWorx! software solution fully integrates RFID and UID data transmissions via WAWF and the UID Registry. 

  • Provides a cost effective "out-of-the-box" solution to mandate compliance.
  • Automatically submits unit and shipment data to the UID registry, or WAWF. 
  • Unifies the UID and RFID workflow process into your existing business processes.
  • Avoid electronic submission costs.