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High Resolution Text, Barcode and Graphic Marking

FoxJet ProSeries


ProSeries High Resolution Inkjet System with Elite Controller

High Resolution Text, Barcode and Graphic Marking

FoxJet ProSeries

From lumber, to ceramic tile, to corrugate, FoxJet ProSeries inkjet printers produce high quality, high resolution text, barcodes and graphic images. Various printhead configurations, provide up to 4" high print at 300 dpi print resolution.

Foxjet ProSeries printheads are designed to work with FoxJet Marksman Elite controllers and have a dual ink feed for improved flow rates and faster printing speeds.

An ink channel barrier membrane within the sealed printhead housing shields the printhead and protects the printhead and electronics from ink intrusion. The bonded maintenance plate has a non-stick coated surface to prevent collection and adhesion of airborne plant debris, including corrugated dust and glue.

Marksman Elite controllers come standard with Boxwriter Elite editor software for creating industry compliant barcodes, graphics and text. Marksman Elite controllers are equipped with Windows 7 Operating System and a 17" touch screen and are capable of controlling up to four printheads.

Auto Priming System

FoxJet APS, a patent pending Auto Priming System standard with the 384 and 768 models, is designed to automatically self-prime each printhead, forcing a small amount of ink through the channels, expelling trapped air and debris that causes ink "drop out". Priming cycles are programmed at the plant level, using facility time schedules to determine need.

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  • Industrial "Smart" Controllers
  • Up to 4" Print Height
  • Boxwriter WYSIWYG Software - Standard
  • Drive up to Four Printheads
  • Wireless Capability
  • Serviceable Printheads

Standard Software Features

  • WYSIWYG message editing tools
  • Security levels are password protected
  • Valuable report generation
  • Product file storage for quick product change over
  • Reverse/invert printing
  • Outline printing
  • Full range of fonts
  • Custom logo generation

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