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Economical Case Marking Printer

FoxJet SoloSeries 45/90


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Large Character High Resolution Inkjet Marking with SoloSeries 90Large Character High Resolution Inkjet Marking with SoloSeries 90

Economical Case Marking Printer

FoxJet SoloSeries 45/90

The FoxJet SoloSeries 45/90 case marking printers are an economical case coding solution that offers up to 5 lines of print, varying character heights and easy logo placement. Built in autocodes such as date, time, count and expiration are easy to utilize.

The compact, rugged enclosure on the case marking printer protects the print cartridge, ensuring optimum print quality in industrial environments.A hinged cover allows for easy cartridge replacement. For flexibility the case marking printer's serial port is located at the printhead and the in/out port allows printheads to be daisy chained together.

There are three controller options available: PC-based (with included software), FoxJet Marksman HHI or FoxJet Marksman DuoXT IPC. The Marksman HHI controller offers a simple solution for controlling a daisy chain of printheads without the use of a PC. The handheld can control up to 16 printheads in two daisy chains and allows the user easy access to change the message.

The Marksman DuoXT IPC has a 7" color touch screen in a stainless steel enclosure for maximum reliability in harsh environments. Dual production line support allows for control of two production lines from the same user interface, while an I/O Board interface card option allows for connection to external system devices.

For supplying ink to multiple FoxJet SoloSeries printheads, a bulk ink supply provides a larger capacity cartridge. This allows longer run times between cartridge replacement and provides cost savings on ink consumption.

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  • Single line up to 1" font
  • Serial port at printhead for flexibility
  • Purge button for easy cleaning of cartridge
  • In/out port for daisy chaining printheads
  • Ink level detection which ensures optimum print quality
  • Fully featured software including built-in autocodes, such as date, time, count and expiration

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